• Canning Line for aluminium cans and PET cans
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  • New Products

    PET beverage bottles are commonly used for packaging various types of drinks, including water, soda, juice, and other non-alcoholic beverages. These bottles are typically made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a lightweight, durable, and recyclable plastic material....
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  • Automatic sealing machine for PET soda cans

    Best selling Automatic sealing machine for PET soda cans An automatic sealing machine for PET soda cans is a specialized piece of equipment designed to efficiently seal PET soda cans with airtight and tamper-evident seals. These machines are commonly used in beverage production facilities to str...
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  • 10,000㎡ and 100,000-level dust-free workshop

    10,000㎡ and 100,000-level dust-free workshop finished Our advantages: 20+ Production Line. Hands free automatic production equipment. 10,000㎡ and 100,000-level dust-free workshop.
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  • PET plastic condiment bottles

    Shanghai Copak’s PET bottles are updated. Besides PET beverage bottles,we developed some bottles for spice, pepper, seasoning, seeds or other condiment packages. They could be called PET condiment bottle;Plastic seasoning bottle;PET shaker bottle; PET spice bottle Some products details as f...
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  • list of Shanghai COPAK’s beverage PET plastic cans

    Shanghai copak industry company produce all kinds of  beverage PET bottles. Our PET bottles varies with different sizes,volumes and shapes. Customized printing are supported. Recently our PET plastic cans are in hot sale. Some new mould are developed, some the updated size list of our beverage PE...
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  • water proof and oil proof salad paper bowl

    Shanghai copak industry company focus on plastic and paper products. Since 2018 we built new factory for paper bowls. Our paper bowl can be supplied with a kraft paper bowl and white paper bowl, as well as silver and golden paper bowl. Various printing is supported. &nbs...
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  • About the impact of China’s electricity curtailment on the production of our paper bowls

    About the impact of China’s electricity curtailment on the production of our paper bowls Last month, all-Chinese power curtailment activities have had a great impact on the export of Chinese products. For example, the increased price in raw materials and the inability of production capacity...
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  • Shanghai COPAK Industry CO.,Ltd’s Youtube channel

    Wellcome to Shanghai copak’s Youtube channel. Address:   Want to now more about shanghai copak? Then please visit copak’s channel. Shanghai COPAK industry CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for food packages. Our main p...
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  • PET plastic Bottles from Shanghai Copak Industry Co.,Ltd

    Looking for Beautiful and safe packages for your beverages or juices? Shanghai copak is a good choice. Located in Shanghai,China, Shanghai COPAK is one of the biggest manufacturers for PET bottles. COAPK is professional for food packages only. With many years history,we are now producing PET plas...
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  • New usage of PET cup

    Speaking of PET cups, the first thing that comes to mind is these refreshing summer drinks: As a senior foodie, if you only have these impressions of PET, then you are “out”! do you know? The PET cup can not only be used to hold wet goods such as beverages, but also can be used to ho...
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  • Shanghai Copak Industry Co., Ltd. Sourcing Office In Shanghai

    Shanghai COPAK Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2015, with sales office in Shanghai and associated factory in Zhejiang. COPAK is a professional supplier of Eco-friendly food & beverage packaging products: PET cups, PET bottles, Paper bowls, etc. Our office in shangh...
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